About Me

My Work

My work started when I was a teen with poetry and lyrics, then progressed into my 1st self-published release titled, 'I Know You're Out There' in 2013. 

As I continue to grow as a writer, my work continues with the upcoming release of 'Soul Bird Rise' ... A Memoir & Methodology to Love, Life & Healing, along with various other fiction novels, children's books, and a host of poetry works on canvas. 

Writing provides an avneue of escape and expression that is relatable to many, and a method of healing for most.

My Community

Growing up, the people around me; both family and friends, held the enormous responsibility of helping to shape the life and perspective of a teenager with so much promise.  I dedicate each of my titles to each, and every one of them; for without their wisdom, experiences, and stern rods, I would not have stories to share… They are my stories. 

For questions about how to get started as a author, or get published, use the convenient Contact Us link or email me at connect@robinlarayne.com

Join My Journey

Stay tuned for my weekly Blog Posts starting August 1st, that will open a dialogue to discuss various topics and methods on healing Mind, Body & Spirit InnerG.